My Brother's Keeper

Nature: Scenario
GM: Jonathan
Players: Nyan (Kim), Bubbles (Hilde), Ruby (Markus), Glimmer (Sigurd), Lotus (Felix)

Description: Throughout their first full week at Mooncreek, the players each overhear a sad story Diatreme, the local woodsman, tells about how his unstable horrible brother Strata broke his heart by sneaking off into the night. He begs the players to help him bring his brother home. The players discover Strata is the local teacher, and go to the school to talk to him. They quickly determine that he is 100% unwilling to discuss anything to do with Diatreme, and that, while appearing open and honest, he is consistently in a highly anxious state. A long day later, after talking to Crevasse, Old Granny Scorpion Shoes, Pneumonia, Toadstool and Thyme, the players piece together the knowledge that Diatreme is a highly abusive narcissist who has driven his extended family except Strata away, and has actively been undermining support for Strata not only in the town, but spreading the word to further villages through making sure passing caravans take harmful gossip with them. They also work out that Strata is clearly showing signs of having been subject to intense prolonged narcissistic abuse. After a long discussion about specifics of using incredibly powerful magic to help solve this situation, and how it would be unethical to change the underlying persona of either Diatreme or Strata, the group settle on the idea of providing both Diatreme and Strata with powerful magic crystals that allow them to contact therapists, with an impulse placed upon the objects that they must be used for this purpose at least once in the first week the crystals are in the brothers' possessions. Along the way, the group also learn the following information:

1) It is likely that, if the Phoenix egg in Harmony Lake hatches, the entire forest will burn down in what can only be described as the first catastrophic fire based event in a long chain to follow. (learned from discussing the nearby villages with Strata)
2) The field of flowers they passed through are highly dangerous, and the fact that they have sprouted flowers is a bad sign; while it may take a long time, if this is not dealt with quickly, then every time they breathe in a little more of the pollen from the flowers they will grow more and more, and eventually there will be so many that the roots will fill such a space in their heads that they will never move again. (learned from talking to both Strata and Old Granny Scorpion Shoes about the flowers)
3) There used to be a shrine here, but the last clear reference to it was 2500 years ago or older. (Learned from Strata by asking about the lack of a shrine. Strata suggested that it's possible it 'walked away'; i.e., the land between the shrine and the village grew)
4) Strata is looking for something in a cold dark river, unrelated to the shrine entirely. Something to do with what might be the original source of the moonlit water here. But whatever it is, it made Bubbles too sad to think about for more information to be remembered, and no one else saw it. (learned by looking at translation and notation work Strata was doing on a song; the only information about where he got the song from was a postal tube he took the original document he was translating from. The tube smelled of clover honey, and had the words "To Strata; this is the song I was talking about. Hope it helps, love Cheeky" written above a lipstick kiss mark).

Players Retellings:

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