Session 26.1

GM: Felix
Players: Radish (Kais), Bubbles (Hilde), Fog (Markus), Chert (Maggie), Dusk (Martin)


The players investigate what happened to the moonlight. It used to be fairly easy to collect from the creek, but now it has become a river, and things are more difficult. The moonlight gathers near the middle, so you have to stand on a sandbank to collect it. After talking to people, they realise that flowers have been planted near the shore. These flowers grow in much of the village and even more so in the nearby forest. They do, as it turns out, absorb most magic, which explain why the village is a low magic area. This doesn't work on moonlight, since that is subtle magic and is only pushed away instead. So it gathers in the one area without the flowers - the creek (or river, now). Planting flowers right on the shores has pushed the moonlight further towards the middle rather than being distributed along the entire river. However, also, people have been using these flowers in the forest nearby to signal to the spirit of the forest that they would like privacy. So the villagers have been picking more of these flowers. This leads to fewer flowers overall, which lead to the remaining flowers having more magic to absorb - and too much magic kills them. They get a bit more sickly by being in a slightly more magical environment, and thus don't grow as well. This naturally leads to fewer anti-magic flowers, and the area becomes slightly more magical still, leading to fewer flowers, leading to more magic… it's a feedback loop, and at some point, it would get too much and collapse. That would be a problem - being in a high magic area is fine, but magic suddenly rushing in to fill an area that hasn't had magic in a while is. It's the difference of swimming in a lake (stable high magic) and standing in front of a bursting dam. They tells the villagers to plant more flowers.

The higher levels of magic also explain why things have started to change in the village that used to be stable - such as the river expanding or the orchard getting a spirit.

Having figured this out, they notice that there are neighbors around. There have been neighbors around for a while, and always seemed to belong there, taking some things and leaving. Focusing intently, they notice that these are wooden constructs, with an effect on them that makes them seem unimportant and to belong. There are also a lot more of them than you tend to notice without focusing, and thinking back while concentrating to overcame the attention-altering effect, they notice that there has been a definite rise in the number of neighbors around.

They follow the neighbors to the mill. It is a vast gothic structure, having expanded along with the creek when it turned into a river. A steady stream of neighbors carry things into the mill. They follow them in, and after some searching discover a workshop, where the miller and his family are being forced by the mill to create more wooden constructs to carry more things to the mill - so that it can grind something as is its purpose. They mill threatens to grind up people if they interfere.

The players get the millers and his family out, and light some fireworks in the mill before running as well. All the fine dust in the mill ignites, and the whole building explodes.

There is a lot of shock and fainting. The villagers are not used to events on this scale.

When people come back to, they are faced with the wooden constructs - they no longer have the mind-altering effect on them that makes them unnoticed, so everybody notices them. That also no longer are controlled by the mill, so they have no purpose or idea how the world works.

There is a lot of shock and fainting due to this, as well.

Most of the wooden constructs decide to tag along with the caravan for the time being, until they figure out what they want to be.

Players Retellings:

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