Sky River Shrine

This shrine is located in the scenic town of Sky River. Hidden behind a waterfall, those entering the shrine walk down a curving path deep into the cliffside, where they are faced with a plain wooden door. After solving a series of challenges related to utilisation of water stones, they ride an ancient elevator powered by water to a hidden cave at the top of the shrine.

The curved path composing the entry way is very plain. It was explained to some by Tarragon that they used to have a fancy antechamber before the challenges, but that people kept interpreting the layout as a jumping puzzle and damaging precious artefacts by climbing and jumping on them.

The challenge itself is unique to each group who goes through, but always occurs in rooms in which deep, black, icy cold water flows, and in which, from the ceiling, hundreds of glow worms shine, bathing everything in an unearthly electric blue.

The hidden cave at the top of the shrine is interesting. One end is open to the town, with the waterfall flowing directly over it, partially obscuring the view. When standing by that end, all the sounds in the town of daily life are amplified directly to that spot. On the other end, in the darkness, is a large waterstone in the shape of a desk. If Sky, the spirit of the town, is in residence, then he will greet successful challengers here. If not, then Tarragon will take this role.

Those who successfully complete the challenge of the shrine are able to choose from a range of different prizes with fancy effects. Without spoilers, these are:

  • A water reed with five stems, all seemingly made of pure water that ripples in response to even the slightest movement;
  • A surprisingly heavy Living Stone succulent with five delicate flowers seemingly carved of stone;
  • A midnight blue stone carved into the shape of a water lily, with five stamen made of gold, which floats when put in water; and
  • An obsidian idol carved in a rough approximation of Sky himself, which feels cold to the touch and unnatural to the gaze.
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