Nature: NPC
Type: Animate / "Living" / Enchanted Item
Race: Book
Home: Heaven's Gate

First Encountered: 12.2: "Stranger Than Fiction"

Description: Humanoid mammal of unknown type, most closely resembling a mole but able to stand fully upright. Very cute. Bright and bubbly, is as tall as a five year old and generally acts like one. Wears a dress expertly woven from beach grasses and flowers.

Information: Main character in a book about helping maintain a healthy beach environment. Seems frustrated that her knowledge isn't useful here in the flying islands. She tries to help outside her domain but gets blocked by the defining nature of the book she is based on. The specific book she comes from was the printers' draft sent to the author to ensure they were happy with it before it went to full production. Due to some self-hating comments the original author sprawled in her margins, she sometimes puts herself down with colourful language when she thinks no one else is around to hear her.

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