Nature: NPC
Type: Human

First Encountered: 01.2 "Smoke on the Water"

Description: Looks to be in his thirties. Normally wears working overalls of some variety, but, when relaxing, wears a comfortable-looking and clean, if somewhat threadbare, outfit in reds and golds. Is genuinely pleasant, and often wears a wry smile, and seems to take everything in its stride. He has an ornately carved wooden walking stick and, on the occasion when he needs to do some work in an area in which it would be impractical to bring his caravan directly, ties his needed tools and supplies up in a bindle that he attaches to the stick.

Information: Thyme is a professional tinkerer and part-time bard. He seems to be a magnet for strangeness, though it is completely possible that his attitude is a driving reason for that, as his acceptance of strange as normal makes those normally derided as strange feel accepted and 'at home' around him. While he technically lives alone in his caravan, it is not uncommon to find all available sleeping spots filled most nights; if not with others in the caravan, then with animals that were passing through and needed a place to sleep.


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