Nature: NPC
Type: Animate / "Living" / Enchanted Item
Race: Book
Home: Heaven's Gate

First Encountered: 14.1: "Lost in a Good Book"

Description: Looks to be in their late teens, with short dark hair and brown eyes, above average muscle definition, wearing a sleek black armoured jumpsuit, with a patch sewed onto the suit just above the heart. This patch is a shiny, embossed, and mostly entirely black spaceship design. The words "Dark Traveller XVI" are emblazoned above, and the words "Navigator: Clone Crew" below, the logo of the ship, and are written in a dark ruby red.

Information: Honourable, with a strong sense of duty to a ship and a past, neither of which he currently inhabits. Is still coming to terms with existence in our world. Traveller believes himself to be in a faulty remembrance of his past based on the manner in which clones are matured within his book's universe. There is a fundamental irregularity in his presence here; the book he was animated from did not exist in the library prior to the events of plot 14.1. It is worth noting that the book he comes from is a young adults fiction.

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