Nature: Player Character option

A witch is a person of either gender who can use Wonder. Some are simply passing through the town, some are mysterious people who live on its edge, some are shrine maidens, and others live as normal people.

There are many different kinds of witches, who can appear in many different kinds of stories. Most witches are careful not to offend the henge. They often serve as intermediaries between people and henge.

As a witch is already human, he or she has no need to change into one. They often dress strangely, but they can usually get by with a change of clothes. Witches can have the same kinds of names as ordinary people, or odd foreign names. Also, some witches are much older than they look, much like some henge.

Witch Powers

Joyful Charm 1+
Talk to Animals 2
Broom 6
Change of Clothes 6
Moonlight Mischief 20
Twilight Magic 20
OPTIONAL Cost Drawback
Explosion 12 Magic Words
Crystal Ball 8 Strange
Changing Seasons 4 Secret
Magic Item 8 Doohickeys
True Magic ~ Failure
Mysterious Moves 2 Mysterious Person

Known Witch Characters

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