Nature: Race/type of Henge

People seldom encounter wolves. For that matter, even henge hardly ever run into wolves. The wolves live quietly, deep in the mountains and forests.

They have abilities relating to their domains, and they’re all too good at surprising people. Racing around open spaces, unleashing terrifying howls, and protecting those that need it… Such wolves only have frequent dealings with the local gods of the mountains and forests.

Wolves know little of people’s society, and when a curious wolf cub comes into town, it can become a major incident for everyone involved.

Wolf Powers

Wolf Pack 0
Guardian 6
Hide 6
Substitution 8
Wolf Howl 20
Call of the Wild 30
OPTIONAL Cost Drawback
Growl 10 Violent
Go Away! 8 Frightening
Perseverance 4 Klutz
Giant Wolf 20 Honest
Spirited Away 12 Loneliness
Wolf Guide 12 Gullible

Known Wolf Characters

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