Nature: NPC
Type: Human
Home: Sky River

First Encountered: 05.2 "Trickster Trouble"

Description: Agricultural labourer and hobbyist contraption maker; normally wears an easy smile

Information: Zephyr is a prankster. No two ways about it. He was born a prankster, he will… continue to live eternally as a prankster. That said, he takes his responsibilities seriously. While not officially a member of the Shepherd's Guild, he does work with them in many ways; as an agricultural labourer he does a lot of heavy lifting around all of the agricultural projects in the town, including helping with harvesting and transportation of crops from the few plant-based farms in the area. His pranking comes in the form of basic contraptions that do something silly to amuse everyone, and that those who were pranked can later look back on with humour; his position is that none of his pranks should ever do lasting harm to either the target of the prank or to the town (or its representation) itself. He values all of his friends, especially Wintersweet and Jasmine.


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